“Skin looks more youthful, hair is more full & I’ve noticed improved joint mobility!”

-Anne T.

Healthy Joints, Smooth Skin & Full Hair Start With The Right Kind of Collagen

Get results you can trust with 15+ years of clinically tested nutrition & industry-leading formulations

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A Powerful Collagen Blend That Boosts So Much More Than Hair, Skin & Nails

This isn’t your cheap drugstore collagen. 

Key Collagen combines 4 patented, body-and-beauty-supporting peptides to dramatically improve the elasticity, strength, and health of everything from your skin and bones to your digestive tract lining. Look great, and feel even better with increased:

Wrinkle Resistance

Joint Cartilage

Hair Volume

Bone Density

Tendon Strength

Dealing With Crepey Skin & Achy Joints? It’s Not Your Fault. Here’s Why:

Our natural collagen levels begin to decline as we age. In fact, they can deplete nearly 50% by age 60. In turn, we notice faster deterioration of skin, nails, bones, and cartilage. 

The truth? You can’t stop time. But you CAN control whether you get the nutrients your body needs to respond to it!

Break The Cycle With The Only Nutritionist-Created Collagen That Supports Your Entire Body’s Vitality

Your body needs collagen peptides to feel young & healthy, and drugstore supplements don’t contain the forms of collagen that your body can fully absorb and use.

Key Collagen is carefully formulated with patented peptides and processed at a low temperature, so it’s fully absorbed and converted by your body into skin-and-bone-building powerhouse nutrients. Say hello to vibrant skin & hair and a healthier, more flexible body. 

Nourish Yourself With The Gold-Standard Of Clinical Collagen

“My skin looks healthier, my hair is stronger…my knees don't click & crack anymore.”

-Lesa H.

Top-quality, patented ingredients

Created & used by expert nutritionists

Features ALL 4 Bio-Active Collagen Peptides®

Includes 30 servings


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Free shipping & 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Join Hundreds Amazed At The Difference Of Clinical-Quality Collagen

  • “Huge improvement”

    "Skeptical at first…but after six months of daily Key Collagen, I am noticing a huge improvement! I have cartilage loss and bone spurs on my left knee, and Cortisone injections gave only temporary relief. I'm not feeling that pain now…pretty exciting."

    -Jane L.

    “Dramatically increased bone density”

    "I have been on Key Collagen for exactly one year. My doctor wanted me to go on medication since I was in Osteoporosis. After investigating, I found Key Collagen with Fortibone…and my Bone Density results increased up to 10%. Key Collagen made the difference this year.”


  • “Feel the difference”

    “This is my 2nd order of Key Collagen. I tried it for 30 days and felt a difference in my knees... but once I completely ran out I knew it had been making a difference. No issues with taste or consistency…I wish I could buy a larger container of it.”

    -Jen S.

    “Skin, nails & hair look great”

    “I have been using Key Collagen now for about 6 months or more. I really love it! My skin looks really great, my fingernails and hair are growing and look really healthy. I highly recommend it and have gotten several of my friends using it everyday.”

    -Angela E.

The Only Collagen Blend With ALL 4 Bio-Active Collagen Peptides 

Little-known fact: since collagen peptides are chains of amino acids, the order of those amino acids matters. It’s what actually allows your body to break them down and reap the benefits! 

Unlike others on the market, Key Collagen contains all 4 patented Bio-Active Collagen Peptides®: ultra-potent forms of collagen engineered to target specific physical needs. 


The hair-skin-and-nails powerhouse peptide that stimulates smoother, firmer skin, prevents cellulite, and strengthens nail and hair growth


A bone-building peptide shown to increase osteoblast activity (bone building cells) and decrease osteoclast activity (bone degrading cells)


A joint-regeneratingpeptide that supports cartilage for smoother and easier movement


A tendon-and-ligament strengthening peptide shown to improve flexibility while decreasing risk of injury.

You’re The Perfect Candidate For Key Collagen If You…

Notice brittle nails or thinning hair

Want to achieve firmer, brighter, healthier skin

Are skeptical of supplements with questionable claims

Want to support optimum bone density

Notice stiffness or joint pain

Are tired of collagen blends that don’t seem to do anything

Try Key Collagen

Turn Your Favorite Drink or Snack Into A Body-Nourishing Superfood In Seconds

It’s easy to begin your wellness transformation with just one scoop of Key Collagen a day. The best part? It’s completely flavorless. Try Key Collagen in signature NutriKey recipes like:

Overnight strawberry chia pudding

Oatmeal almond balls

Peaches and cream smoothie

Protein hot chocolate

Strawberry kiwi smoothie

Creamy black berry frozen pops

…or even your regular morning coffee!

Supercharge My Nutrition

Pharmaceutical-Grade Nutrition, Produced To The Highest Standard of Quality

Start Your Journey To Youthful Skin and Healthier Bones & Joints, 100% Risk-Free

We agree: resultsare the most important part of trying a new nutritional supplement. That’s why we test all our products in clinical settings to ensure that even licensed nutritionists consider NutriKey the industry leader in quality. 

But we believe in earning your trust, too, which is why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee when you try Key Collagen. You’ll get a full refund, no questions asked: because your health is our #1 priority.

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