Your Supplement Quality Matters

November 16, 2021 3 min read

Your Supplement Quality Matters

When it comes to supplements, quality matters! With all the options out there these days, we know how difficult it is to find a supplement source you can trust. Supplement companies are a dime a dozen, often using bad quality or bad forms of ingredients thinking the consumer won’t know any better. We don’t appreciate this approach! If you are spending your hard-earned money, we want it to be on products that will actually help you.

Here at NutriKey we are committed to creating supplements that are not only safe, but effective. We put in the leg work, so you don’t have to. Whenever you buy a NutriKey brand supplement you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality ingredients in the right forms to provide real benefits for you and your loved ones.

NutriKey supplements are all pharmaceutical grade and recommended in a clinical setting by licensed nutritionists and dieticians at Nutritional Weight & Wellness, a company that has educated and counseled people to better health for over twenty-five years.

Read on to learn the nuts and bolts of how we make sure we are delivering you the best possible products!


What is GMP and why does it matter?

All NutriKey brand supplements are manufactured in Certified GMP facilities and third-party tested.

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Processes – the name may sound simple, but the standards are not.  GMP standards represent the industry’s best practices, and each facility is subject to the highest level of controls as required by the FDA.  Certified GMP facilities are regulated by third-party organizations that do research and set standards to keep the health industry in check.  They set standards for ingredients and testing and also set standards for how manufacturing facilities should operate. They then audit these facilities and test to make sure they are up to standard. 

GMP facilities undergo regular third-party auditing and testing to make sure all facets of the processes – from sanitation to raw materials, water sources, venting, storage, handling, facility set up, and even staff hygiene - are controlled to ensure that the product is of the highest quality and free of contaminants. Maintaining the GMP certification requires ongoing auditing, testing, and compliance with all GMP standards.

Companies may choose to get additional certifications by subjecting individual products to additional testing but these certifications are very expensive and do not offer any higher or more rigorous standards than the GMP certification.


What’s better than GMP?

GMP facilities are the best in the business, but we even go one step further. We only consider suppliers that are GMP Certified, but that’s just a starting point. Our suppliers are also vetted by an in-house FDA consultant. He personally visits each facility we are considering working with and gives each one a grade of his own. Our products are only manufactured in his Grade A facilities. He visits each facility each year to make sure they are still performing to his Grade A expectations.

We also look for suppliers with the best reputation in the business. For example, our minerals come from Albion labs – the world’s leading mineral source, our fish oils come from a state-of-the-art facility in Norway, and our collagen comes from free range cattle from the rolling hills of Germany. Reputation is everything and we choose to work with industry leaders who are committed to creating products that support and protect the health of our communities.


But do these products really work?

Not only do we use the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in the world’s best facilities, we only use ingredients that will provide real benefits for you and your family. We work with a team of scientists who understand which ingredients will be the most effective. Extensive research goes into each of our products and oftentimes clinical trials are performed to determine the proper dosing of those ingredients to deliver the intended results. For example, we make sure the B Vitamins are methylated and the minerals are chelated so you are actually absorbing what you’re paying for. We also update our formulas as new research comes out on the best forms of ingredients. We trust our scientists and suppliers and recommend our products for their effectiveness in the purposes for which they are intended.


The Bottom line

All NutriKey brand supplements are pharmaceutical grade, free of contaminants, and backed by research.  NutriKey supplements meet or exceed the most rigorous requirements in the industry and are third party tested. We only use the best quality and most effective ingredients so you can rest easy knowing we have done our homework. 

We stand by our brand. If you aren’t satisfied with one of our products for any reason, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!