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Don't let Osteoporosis steal your future...

Powerful prevention starts now.

We talk about breast cancer, ovarian cancer, we lose more people to an osteoporotic break per year than those two cancers combined…
-Melanie Beasley, LD, RD 

Two smiling women riding bicycles at the beach.

Prevent Osteoporosis: Steps to a Healthier Future

Preventing osteoporosis is crucial. It's not just about avoiding fractures; it's about maintaining your best quality of life in your golden years.

"Each year in the USA, approximately 300,000 hip fractures occur. Approximately 25% who experience a hip fracture die in the year following the fracture. Another 25% Americans move from the hospital to a nursing home and never return “home”. The remaining 50% never regain their previous function. Six months after a hip fracture, only 15 percent of patients can walk across a room unaided."

International Osteoporosis Foundation †

Take Action Now To Prevent Osteoporosis!

Osteoporosis, often called the "silent thief," gradually weakens bones and often you won't even notice the symptoms—until a fracture occurs.

Your skeleton takes ten years to remodel itself, so waiting to start prevention gives you a significant disadvantage.

Don't Wait For A Diagnosis!

Research shows that if you wait to take care of your'll be in a world of hurt (literally & figuratively)! You really need to get started right now to make sure your bones stay strong for years to come.

Key Osteo Plus®️ provides a broad spectrum of essential nutrients in a convenient daily packet.

Two forms of calcium for maximum absorption - hydroxyapatite and calcium citrate-malate.

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K complex to help transport calcium to the bones.

Strontium citrate to help support bone growth and slow breakdown of old bone.

Zinc, copper, selenium and manganese to assist with bone strength.

Magnesium, essential for the absorption and metabolism of calcium.

And ...100% of the Essential Nutrients to Replace Your Multivitamin!

Endorsed by Nutritional Weight & Wellness

Used in-clinic by expert dietitian and nutrition clinics, key among them is Nutritional Weight and Wellness.

With the popular Dishing Up Nutrition Podcast, nutrition clinic, and nutrition education programs, Nutritional Weight and Wellness knows what works to support the nutritional needs of their clients, listeners, and students.

Composite image of various professional headshots with the logo for Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

That's why they created Key Osteo Plus®. They were determined to develop a supplement that would deliver outstanding results for their clients—something that was truly filling the nutritional gaps for their clients.

You can bet you'll hear them discussing Key Osteo Plus® on their podcast, showcasing just how much they believe in this product and the benefits it brings to their clients & listeners.

With its superior formula, Key Osteo Plus® gives people the edge in preventative bone health, keeping their bones healthy and strong.

A package of NutriKey Key Osteo Plus dietary supplements.

Give Yourself the Edge with Key Osteo Plus®

For a limited time, you can save 15% on your first order of Key Osteo Plus®.


Key Osteo Plus: A Better Bone Health Solution

Developed with the experts from Nutritional Weight and Wellness, Key Osteo Plus®️ is a scientifically formulated supplement designed to give your body the exact, essential nutrients it needs for strong bones.

Key Osteo Plus® is specially formulated to make sure calcium is fully utilized by your bones. But here's the catch: calcium can't be absorbed and metabolized without magnesium, which is often missing in other products.

Most of your vitamins and supplements aren't being properly absorbed because many products use cheaper, harder-to-absorb minerals.

Chelated minerals, the best ones, ensure superior absorption and maximize nutrient utilization.They minimize competition among minerals, making sure each mineral can get used properly.

If your bone supplement doesn't use chelated minerals, you are at a disadvantage.

Make the switch.


Finally, a supplement that actually delivers calcium to your bones, ensures minerals absorbed, and includes the benefits of a daily multi-vitamin—a powerhouse addition to your vitamin cabinet.

Bone health products have exploded in popularity over the last decade as people have become more aware that they help promote bone strength, increase bone mass, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Many bone health products make outlandish claims about what they can do, but few have the social proof or the science to back them up. We do!

Person holding their lower back, showing potential discomfort or pain.

NutriKey's Key Osteo Plus® is different.

To get the most out of your bone supplement, there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Getting all the right nutrients – it's not just about calcium;your bones need a mix of vitamins and minerals.

  2. Getting those nutrients to where they need to go – your bones!

  3. Absorbing Nutrients – proper absorption is crucial for those nutrients todo their job.

At NutriKey, we created Key Osteo Plus® with all of this in mind, so you can trust you're giving your bones the best care.

Key Osteo Plus® is made with ingredients that science shows actually (not just "hope" or "probably") work.

It creates the perfect environment for your bones, making sure they get all the nutrients and minerals they need.

This helps keep your bones strong and your joints moving smoothly - because we all deserve to stay active and feeling great!

Smiling woman with blonde hair in a tan blazer.

Melanie Beasley

Registered and Liscensed Dietitian

“I think this product is really great for clients to feel like it takes all the guesswork and nutrition noise out of their head”.

If your bone supplement isn't using chelated minerals, you are at a disadvantage. Make the switch.


If you aren’t taking Alpha BRAIN®, you are operating at a disadvantage.

Find out why.

If your bone supplement doesn't use chelated minerals, you are at a disadvantage.

Make the switch.


How Key Osteo Plus® Works

So - what exactly is in Key Osteo Plus® that's able to deliver all these great promises?

Most bone health products take the ‘salad bowl’ approach, where their ingredients are thrown together & chosen because they are known to be "good for the bones".

Your body isn't a salad bowl. You need a recipe & quality ingredients to get good results.

Key Osteo Plus®, all the ingredients have been hand picked to do three specific jobs.


Our vitamins and minerals are in their most bioavailable form -- meaning your body gets the absolute best use from them.


We outperform other supplements by using the very best (and expensive!), hydroxyapatite and calcium citrate-malate - fancy ingredients that supercharge your body's absorption.

These superior ingredients make for the best combo to make sure that calcium is metabolized and the nutrients actually get sent to your bones.


Chelated minerals, when bound to amino acids, are more recognized by the body- helping the body absorb and maximize all of those important nutrients better.

Chelated minerals don't compete with each other as much as non-chelated (used by most products)...something that can happen when taking multiple vitamins and minerals at the same time.

When you want each nutrient to matter it's important that they aren't competing with each other!

Also - No dodgy ingredients, fully trust-worthy, and certified...

It needs highlighting... what also makes Key Osteo Plus® the best on the market (besides the good stuff about the ingredients) is that it contains no dairy, gluten, or GMO's.

It's third-party tested, quality controlled, and all the important safety controls.

In fact, Key Osteo Plus®️'s formula is so trusted it's cGMP certified and used in-clinic by multiple registered dietitians & nutritionists.

Key Osteo Plus User: Anna

Using Key Osteo Plus for Osteoporosis prevention

"I have been using this product for several years. I know that it is working for me that when I have a bone density the results show that my numbers stay the same from year to year and haven't declined."

Key OsteoPlus® is the only bone supplement you’ll ever need.


If you aren’t taking Alpha BRAIN®, you are operating at a disadvantage.

Find out why.

Key Osteo Plus® is the only bone supplement you will ever need.


What Key Osteo Plus® Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Libby B.
Great results!

I ordered this to improve my bone density. A great additional improvement has been my hair density! Love the packaging - nothing to remember after I put the two packets out each morning. Great product!

My go to vitamin-seriously a packet how easy!

These are a part of my daily routine. I don't have to analyze and over-think what vitamins. A perfect packet is already made up. I protect my body and bones.

Diane P.
Bone health

I have osteoporosis & hoping this product will improve my bone health. I like that it’s packaged for am & pm.

Lynn L.
Bone Health Helper

As a short, fine-boned female I take my bone health seriously. I have been taking Osteo Plus for several years. I appreciate the “ AM and PM “ packaging. The convenience of having supplements delivered to my home is a bonus as well.

Mary B.
Key Osteo

I have been taking this since November after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis but so far it’s good. Will report back after my next Dexa scan. I have been coming to NWW for years and trust them wholeheartedly.

A box of NutriKey Key Osteo Plus dietary supplement with a 15% off sticker.

Customer Favorite Year after Year

Doubles as your muti-vitamin!

Developed & used by dietitians.

No dodgy ingredients.

More effective than drug store versions!

For a limited time...
save 15% on your first order of Key Osteo Plus®.


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