“A WONDERFUL HUGE difference in stiffness in just 2 days. Haven’t felt this good in years.”

-Veldeen H.

Transform Your Bone Health With
Key Osteo Plus

Regain Confidence and Strength with Science-Backed Solutions

Do you identify with any of these

Common Bone Health Struggles?

Experiencing Limited Mobility

Concerned About Bone Strength

Questioning Supplement Effectiveness

Lost With The Supplement Choices

Key Osteo Plus is What You've Been Looking For!


Experience Measurable Improvements in Bone Health

Users frequently experience big wins — like seeing their bones strengthen significantly — to little ones — like stronger, healthier nails — you’ll never have to ask “is this really doing anything?”


Cathy B.


“Increase in bone density!”

“I've had osteopenia for many years and it progressed to osteoporosis so my doctor recommended a Reclast infusion. Instead, I faithfully took Osteo Plus daily for a year, had a Dexa scan this week and received good news. My scan report said, 'Increase in bone density is clinically significant.' I went from osteoporosis, back to osteopenia in one year!"


Pharmaceutical-Grade Excellence: Trusted by Expert Nutritionists

We take quality seriously. NutriKey's products are not your typical drugstore vitamins hastily formulated to maximize profits. Our formulas are meticulously developed by professional nutritionists who use them in their own clinical practices.That's the level of trust and expertise behind every supplement we offer. When you choose NutriKey, you're choosing the science-backed path to better health.


Unlock the Power of Supercharged Nutrient Absorption

At NutriKey, we go beyond isolated minerals. Our formulas are meticulously crafted to pack a punch with a powerful combination of micro-nutrients and vitamins that your body craves for building healthier bones. It's not just about minerals; it's about supercharging their potential for maximum absorption by your body. By carefully balancing these nutrients, we ensure that your bones get the full benefits they deserve. Discover how NutriKey maximizes your benefits.


Multi-Use Nutrient Solution

In today's world, even the healthiest diets may not provide the essential nutrition your body needs. NutriKey's expert-developed formula is your versatile solution. It not only bridges nutrition gaps but also serves as a multi-use product, capable of replacing your daily multi-vitamin and simplifying your path to better nutrition.


No Guesswork: We got it!

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of counting pills and measuring supplements. Key Osteo Plus simplifies your routine with pre-measured packets designed for both morning and evening use. Just tear the packet, swallow the veggie caps, and continue with your day. It's the easy way to get stronger bones.

Delivering Calcium to Your Bones: The Missing Link

What’s the good of calcium if your body can’t use it?

Key Osteo Plus vs. Generic Supplements: Our Unique Nutrient Ecosystem Maximizes Calcium Absorption for Unmatched Bone Strength

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Key Osteo Plus Ingredients:

Clinically Trusted & Nutritionist Recommended

Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality

When it comes to the purity and quality of our ingredients, we accept no compromises. All NutriKey brand supplements are Pharmaceutical Grade and produced in Certified GMP (cGMP) facilities, ensuring you receive a product that meets or exceeds cGMP standards and is third-party tested.

Every Ingredient, Clearly Listed

At NutriKey, we hold your trust and health above all. In a marketplace flooded with hidden fillers and opaque formulations, we stand proudly transparent, meticulously detailing every ingredient so you can see, scrutinize, and feel secure in what you’re investing in your health.

We declare every component, not to boast about our formulation, but to elevate your confidence in us, ensuring you know precisely what you're consuming. No hidden fillers. No secret additives.

Crafted with Care, Right Here in the USA

At NutriKey, we are devoted to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. That’s why our Key Osteo Plus is meticulously formulated and manufactured right here in the United States.

From sourcing premium, research-backed ingredients like TRAACS® Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate from Albion Laboratories for our products, to adhering to stringent production standards in Certified GMP (cGMP) facilities, we ensure every capsule is crafted with utmost precision and care right here in the U.S.

Customers Love Key Osteo Plus...

Osteo Plus

I am very pleased with the results that I have been seeing since using Key Osteo Plus. My dexascan has shown improvement. I also like the easy to open packages that I have been receiving as of late.

-Pam T

Love Key Osteo Plus

I am a 67 year old woman that just recently ordered the Key Osteo Plus vitamin packs. I want you to know what a WONDERFUL HUGE difference they have made in my life! I wake up in the monring not stiff anymore. And I noticed that within 2 days of taking them! I am still in shock. Infact, I would have to say that I haven't felt this good when getting up in the morning for MANY years.

-Veldeen H.

Love Nutrikey!

I took these before a major foot surgery, to help with my healing and health. Superb! Bones, hair, nails and skin look amazing!!

-AnnMarie F.

Stronger, Healthier Bones.
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