“A WONDERFUL HUGE difference in stiffness in just 2 days. Haven’t felt this good in years.”

-Veldeen H.

Meet The Bone Support That WorksWhen Other Drugstore Supplements Don’t.

Finally: get all the key minerals and micronutrients to support your bones, in a formula that your body can fully absorb and use.

5 Reasons Why Key Osteo Plus Is The Complete Bone Support You’re Searching For


The results are significant & measurable

Users frequently see big improvements in their yearly bone density scans after consistent use of Key Osteo Plus! From big wins — like reversing the signs of osteoporosis — to little ones — like stronger, healthier nails — you’ll never have to ask “is this really doing anything?”


Cathy B.


“Increase in bone density!”

“I've had osteopenia for many years and it progressed to osteoporosis so my doctor recommended a Reclast infusion. Instead, I faithfully took Osteo Plus daily for a year, had a Dexa scan this week and received good news. My scan report said, 'Increase in bone density is clinically significant.' I went from osteoporosis, back to osteopenia in one year!"


It’s pharmaceutical-grade & used in-clinic by expert nutritionists

This isn’t your typical drugstore store vitamin that’s hastily formulated to bring in the most money. All NutriKey formulas are developed by professional nutritionists for use in their own clinical practices: so you can finally trust the science behind the supplement.


We pack our formula with micro-nutrients that ensure full mineral absorption

The truth: isolated minerals can only do so much to build healthy bones. When combined with the right vitamins, though, those bone-targeting nutrients are supercharged for maximum absorption by your body.


It fills critical nutrition gaps in your diet (yes, even the healthiest ones!)

With the global decline in food quality over the past 50 years, we just can’t get the same nutrition from our food that we used to — which is where our expert-developed formula comes in. 


It's completely hassle-free

Sick of counting pills and measuring supplements? Key Osteo Plus comes in easy, pre-measured packets for both AM and PM use, so all you have to do is rip the packet, swallow the veggie caps, and carry on with your day. 

Generic Supplements Don’t Contain The “Transporter” Vitamins That Deliver Calcium To Your Bones

What’s the good of calcium if your body can’t use it? Key Osteo Plus provides the whole “ecosystem” of nutrientsthat powers strong bones.

Keep Your Bones Stronger For Longer With Key Osteo Plus

“My bone density tests keep getting better with this product!”

-Danna R.

Easy to digest & absorb

Unique vitamin blend transports calcium to bones

Doubles as a daily multivitamin

Contains 30 servings

Free shipping

60-day money back guarantee

Get Started On The Path To Strong, Healthy Bones 100% Risk-Free

We agree: results are the most important part of trying a new nutritional supplement.That’s why we test all our products in clinical settings to ensure that even licensed nutritionists consider NutriKey the industry leader in quality.

But we believe in earning your trust, too, which is why we offer a 60-day money back guaranteewhen you try Key Osteo Plus. You’ll get a full refund, no questions asked: because your health is our #1 priority.  

Free shipping

60-day money back guarantee

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